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Waste Less Living, Inc.

Company Waste Less Living, Inc.
Profession Environmental Consulting
Title President
Collectors / Haulers
Compost Application Services
Compost Distributors
Consumers / Compost Generators
Sorting Services (compostables, recyc, waste)
Bio Waste Less Living is an environmental consulting company specializing in zero-waste planning, organics recovery and composting and officially launched in 2008. The company evolved from sourcing, selling and recovering certified compostable products to designing and implementing an award winning K-8 school based composting program. It's programs are capable of achieving upwards of 90% waste diversion from landfills and as low as 6% trash generation rates. Waste Less Living helps schools in their long-term strategic planning and education around sustainability and closing the loop on their organic waste. An integral part of its Organics Recovery Program is the return of the processed organics (compost) to the school for use on their athletic field and gardens. Waste Less Living's team of industry experts assist teachers in conducting a full-scale scientific study to determine the benefits of using compost (i..e, water conservation, turf performance) as a means of promoting the value of compost to not just the school community but community at large. To date, over 55 tons of organic material has been composted NOT landfilled through Waste Less Living's programs and services. Awards and Accomplishments: * 2008 Los Angeles Regional Agency Award: Recognition of Excellence Environmental Stewardship *2009 City of Pasadena: Outstanding Recycler Award, Educational Outreach That Inspires Environmental Stewardship *2010 Rose Magazine and Pasadena Star News: Entrepreneur of the Year *2010 Senator Carol Liu: Small Business of the Year Award *2011 CA Air Resources Board: Certificate of Recognition *2012 City of Pasadena:Green City Award, Innovative Start-up

Pasadena, CA 91117, USA

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