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Company Aiyor Bai
Profession Permaculture Farmer
Land Mgrs / Ranchers / Farmers
Bio Aiyor Bai, is the traditional given name of this piece of land. Aiyyawari (of the lord), Bai (water well)...'Well of the lord' somehow over a period of time got shortened to Aiyor Bai. Its the name which has always been associated with the land and still continues to be. Most farms in our village are named after the water well on the land. Plenty of "Mangoes and Memories" associated with this space, which is where we spent many childhood summers. Organic, not just in the use of the word but to come to juncture where the farm practices sustainable agriculture rather than just chemical free farming. Organic to us means ecologically true agriculture. We started the journey couple 4 years back by cutting back on the fertilizers and since last season (2013) we have not used any chemicals . The remaining land has been left fallow for last 2 -5 years on which we will/have cultivated millets, pulses and vegetables. It a journey we hope we can take with others, who have done before us and share what we learn for those following.

Yacharam, Telangana 501509, India

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