Anna Becvar

Company Earthcare Technical Ltd
Title Managing Director
Collectors / Haulers
Compost Application Services
Compost Distributors
Compost Producers, Sites and Facilities
Land Mgrs / Ranchers / Farmers
Bio Anna (BSc (Hons), MI Soil Sci, C Sci, MBPR (FACTS)) has been an independent consultant for 16 years. She has a farming background and has worked in land based industries for over 20 years, holding a number of company directorships within technical soil based businesses. She has a practical approach reinforced by excellent project management, technical marketing skills and collaboration on a number of government and industry based research projects. She has extensive experience of delivering advice on farm: soil management, NVZ’s, fertiliser and organic manure nutrient management and recycling materials to land is her speciality. Anna works with a wide range of commercial clients: Farmers, food producers, waste recyclers, AD operators and compost producers. She specializes in permits and clear advice on legislation. Anna intuitively puts teams together to solve client’s challenges . In addition she works on land restoration, new allotments, and land mitigation.

Chalton, Waterlooville, Hampshire PO8 0BG, UK

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