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Dr. William J. Parton

Company Colorado State University
Title Senior Research Scientist
Consumers / Compost Generators
Bio Bill Parton has spent the last 40 years studying the impacts of human activity on ecosystems and the environment with a focus on climatic change research and atmosphere-biosphere interactions. He was trained as a meteorologist and has made a career as an ecosystem ecologist with a primary research focus on the development of ecosystem models which predict the impact of human activity on natural and agricultural ecosystems. He is a primary author of the DayCent, Century,and ForCent models which are widely used around the world and was involved with the development of DayCent-CHEM model . He has published numerous( greater than 150 ) papers which describe his modeling and ecosystem biogeochemical research. Dr. Parton has been a Senior Research Scientist and Professor at Colorado State University for 34 years. Synergistic Activities: 1. Development and web-based distribution of the CENTURY Ecosystem Model. 2. Linking of the CENTURY Ecosystem Model with the RAMS Atmospheric mesoscale model. 3. Linking of the CENTURY Agroecosystem Model with the ASM Economic Model. 4. National Research Council Committee on Geophysical and Environmental Data, Member 1994-1998. 5. Chair of the SCOPE Tree-Grass Interactions Committee - 1995-2000.

Fort Collins, CO 80523, USA

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