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Mechanical biological treatment of municipal waste: impact of retention time of the Rotary Drum Reactor

Posted on Friday, February 19th, 2016 by

Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) is a proven technology for the treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW). The number of MBT plants is increasing significantly in recent years. In a significant number of these plants, the three major elements are a Rotary Drum Reactor (RDR) for preparation of the waste, an anaerobic digestion system for organic […]

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8.75 Million Metric Tons of Plastic Waste Entered the Ocean in 2010

Posted on Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015 by

It’s hard to believe that an estimated 8.75 million metric tons (MT) of mismanaged plastic waste entered the ocean within the span of only one year; 2010. In a new study (click for link), published early Feb 2015, scientists calculated that 275 million metric tons (MT) of plastic waste was generated in 192 coastal countries in 2010, […]

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The contribution of biowaste to tackle climate change: life-cycle benefits and relevance to policy-making

Posted on Thursday, November 5th, 2015 by

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