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Bio Will Bakx is a respected soil scientist and successful business owner who is a leader in the composting industry. He is dedicated to improving quality and standards of composting and has an in-depth knowledge of government regulation. He is a foundational industry spokesman who has affected policy throughout California and across the U.S. and is a practical environmentalist, sought-after speaker and educator He is the co-owner, Director of Research and Product Development with Sonoma Compost. Operated a countywide yard debris composting program that, to date, has diverted over 1,800,000 tons of organics from the landfill, creating high quality mulches and composts. With products allowable for organic food production, SCC has listed six products with OMRI and has been CDFA registered since its inception. Will Bakx is also adjunct faculty at the Santa Rosa Junior College. He developed syllabus and course materials and teaches the SRJC Agricultural Composting course, which covers all aspects of onsite composting such as materials management, monitoring, composting systems, vermicomposting, Biodynamic composting and more. Has helped SRJC’s Sustainable Agriculture Program become one of the best in the state. Serves as chair of the SRJC Sustainable Agriculture Advisory Committee. Founding member and current chair of the California Organics Recycling Council that represents the organic recycling industry in the development of regulations and legislation and provides community outreach and education. Co-founder and executive board member of the California Compost Coalition, which was established in response to a threat to the composting industry from a persistent pesticide. Currently, CCC serves as the lobbying voice for the organics industry. He currently also works with the Marin Carbon Project and Carbon Cycle Institute to promote and implement carbon sequestering projects in an effort to reverse global warming.

Santa Rosa, CA 95404, USA

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