Anaerobic Digestion Solves Food Waste Challenges

Posted on Wednesday, September 16th, 2015 by

Food waste in America continues to gain attention due to resurfacing information from the National Resources Defense Council. Their 2012 study determined that while eighty percent of freshwater used in the US goes towards growing food, only sixty percent of that food is eaten. The other forty? That ends up in landfills where it decomposes […]

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France is making it illegal for supermarkets to throw away edible food

Posted on Thursday, July 30th, 2015 by

The law, as written, is one of the most stringent attempts to cut the amount of edible but unbecoming produce tossed out every day. As of July 2016, large supermarkets in France — those approximately 4,300 square feet and larger — will face fines of up to $82,000 for failing to comply. Nearly 100 million […]

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